30 In. Pedestal Fan

30 In. Pedestal Fan

    • Actual Size: 27inch.W X 5’H
    • Outlets: 1

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30 In. Pedestal Fan


30″ Diameter Floor Standing Pedestal Fan
3 Speed, Oscillating, adjustable 5′ up to 6′ tall.
Requires electricity (3 AMP CONSTANT, 5 AMP START UP)  We rent extension cords too!

Just having a fan blowing doesn’t necessarily mean you get the best airflow & circulation. Fans can be used for both cooling & heat circulation.  Fans also help detract bugs outdoors.  Here’s a few tips to help you keep your cool & improve your airflow situation!

  • Setting a single fan in a corner is best to cover more area evenly
  • Remove obstacles that may block air flow
  • Getting air circulating in a large area can be a chore too great for 1 fan.  If you have 2 fans working together, you’ll be surprised at how much quicker the temperature drops. Don’t be afraid to get more than 1 fan!
    • A 2-fan method is to place one near a window facing out with another in a doorway, effectively creating a wind tunnel. You can also set a fan in diagonal corners across from another, facing the center of the room, & get them to cross circulate. This effect is much like stirring an icy pitcher of lemonade & gets a circular airflow going.
  • In larger areas where you want multiple fans continue to place them alternating diagonally (every other opposing side)
  • Will not fit in a car transport


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