Bourbon Barrel

Bourbon Barrel

    • Actual Size: 25 inch wide x 35 inch high

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Bourbon Barrels for Rent



Welcome to the world of event styling, where authenticity meets elegance! Renting Bourbon Barrels unlocks a timeless appeal that enhances the ambiance of any event. Crafted from authentic oak, these barrels not only bring aesthetic charm but also weave in a sense of heritage and character.



Bourbon Barrels for Rent: Embrace Authenticity

Unveil the charm of authentic Bourbon Barrels! Crafted from premium oak, these barrels embody a weathered appearance, exuding authenticity and timeless elegance. Their rich hues and rustic appeal make them standout pieces, perfect for adding character to any event.

Versatile Usage: Bourbon Barrels at Your Event

  • Décor with Character: Beyond their authenticity, these barrels serve as versatile décor pieces, adding character to your event's aesthetic.
  • Functional Elegance: From cocktail tables to floral stands, Bourbon Barrels can be repurposed for various functional uses, enhancing both style and functionality.




The Allure of Bourbon Barrels: Renting History and Charm

  • Heritage in Every Barrel: Renting Bourbon Barrels means inviting the history of aging spirits into your event, infusing a sense of heritage and tradition.
  • Customizable Accents: Personalize these barrels effortlessly. Adorn them with lights, florals, or thematic ornaments to match your event's vibe.


Bourbon Barrels for Rent: FAQs

Q: How many barrels can I rent for my event?

A: Our rental options are flexible to accommodate events of various sizes. Whether you need one or several barrels, we've got you covered.

Q: Are these barrels suitable for outdoor events?

A: Absolutely! Crafted from durable oak, these barrels are weather-resistant, perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings.

Q: Can additional décor elements be provided with the barrels?

A: Yes, additional décor elements or accessories can be arranged to complement the barrels and suit your event theme.

Q: What are the typical dimensions of the available barrels?

A: Bourbon Barrels usually measure Depth: 23 in, Width: 23 in, Height: 35 in, providing ample space and height for different event needs.

Q: Is there a time limit for renting the barrels?

A: Our rental durations are flexible, catering to your event's timeline. We offer various packages tailored to your specific needs.

Q: Can these barrels be delivered to different locations?

A: Yes, we offer delivery services to your specified event location, ensuring convenience and hassle-free setup.


Renting Bourbon Barrels adds a touch of sophistication and history to any event. Their versatility, rustic appeal, and historical significance make them a fantastic choice for creating an enchanting ambiance. Elevate your event's atmosphere with the timeless charm of Bourbon Barrels!


Bourbon Barrels, what can’t they do? From a low cocktail table rental, barrel legs for a mid-height table, to prime pedestal for your cake, these table rentals put the FUN in functional. They also make wonderful pedestals for your florist’s work.  Set them at the entry to the aisle to make your entrance.  OR place in spaces where you need to grab your guests attention.


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