I DO  Marquee Letters

I DO Marquee Letters

    • Actual Size: 3ft tall x 21 inch wide x 5 inch Depth
    • Setup Area: 3ft High x 6 ft Long
    • Outlets: 1

    • $150.00
    • Please call 410-698-5096 to reserve this item

I DO  Marquee Letters

 A&B Party Rentals  has special marquee letters called "I  DO '' .  This type is quite popular for engagement party or proposa Event setups.    The whole place can easily brighten up and can make your partner feel very special.  "I DO " marquee letter is a fashionable marquee letter and is widely used in the United States. Our beautiful clear carp letters are made from selected wood of the highest quality.  The letters are 3 ft tall and vary in width.  In total, the "I DO" is approximately 6ft feet wide, assuming 4 inches between each letter.  



The letters come with electrical cords running between the letters but will require access to a nearby standard electrical outlet to illuminate the lights.  The letters come with all bulbs.

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